On rail bike in Denmark and Sweden - new edition

Available as e-book. Order your copy, ISBN 9788799616688, at www.amazon.com or print version to be ordered directly by the publisher www.hrmann.dk price DKK 89,- + mailing cost.

Enjoy the scenery and the beauty of nature; the rails frequently passing through woodland, open countryside and small towns, so it's not only train geeks who have a good experience on a rail bike.

On rail bike in Denmark and Sweden is a tour guide for a great outdoor experience - either as an activity during the holiday or a weekend or day trip, and it's a good opportunity to move around in the corners of Denmark and Sweden and experience a bygone era when the railway tie together country and city, transported goods and people around the region.

This booklet of 24 pages include 19 railway lines; 6 lines in Denmark and 13 lines in Sweden.



Test Amagerbanen in Copenhagen - see more info at www.amagerbanensvenner.dk