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Preserved railways in Scandinavia

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Continental Modeller wrote (October 2013): "This handy guide has been expanded from 2012 edition in both size and scope ... devoted to heritage railways in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This guide may provide some interesting pointers for future visits; it may not tell you everything you would like to know but it does show what you should be looking for."

The aim with this booklet (48 pages, A4 size) is to provide inspiration to visit a preserved railway and by that supporting the many volunteers working on maintaining vintage trains around in Scandinavia. 

The booklet has 111 railways and museums enclosed and you are able to find additional relevant information via the reference to the webpage on each operator.

Preserved railways in Scandinavia is written in English, Danish and German language to be able to inspire train-enthusiasts all over Europe.

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ISBN 978-87-996166-5-7

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